We improve healthcare delivery in developing countries.


Healthcare delivery in rural areas clearly depends on transport and the vehicles used need to be systematically selected and maintained. Motorcycle Outreach is a registered charity (non-profit) which assists governmental and non governmental organisations in this.

Access to basic community healthcare is an essential and often forgotten need. Visits by healthcare professionals to remote villages improve child health monitoring, maternal and infant mortality and overall community awareness of basic health issues. Regular health education, routine vaccinations and early detection of health issues such as malnutrition drives progress towards millennium development. Reliable transport options magnify the reach and effectiveness of existing healthcare professionals.

Marianus_smallMotorcycle Outreach currently supports an established project in Indonesia. Health for All provides primary healthcare transport for a catchment area of over fifty thousand people living in over fifty villages.

Due to the enabling effect of transport your £10 donation covers health care support for up to 10,000 people (fuel costs for one motorcycle for a fortnight,  or sufficient for 10 trips to villages of 1000+ people).

For more details of how you can help please see our presentation.


FRAUD WARNING:  A company pretending to be Motorcycle Outreach Limited is trading on the website “alibaba.com” as a motorbike/trike dealership.  They are fraudulently using our company’s registered UK address, claiming it as theirs.  We are not associated in any way with that company.  DO NOT HAVE ANY DEALINGS WITH THEM. We have reported this to “alibaba.com” and to the National Fraud Investigation Bureau, and we are taking Legal action.