Renewal of Health for All Motorcycle Fleet thanks to Triumph Tiger 800 Club, AUSAID and Astra

After more than a decade of service the Health for All motorcycle fleet is being renewed thanks to generous support from the Triumph Tiger 800 Club in the UK (3 vehicles), AUSAID (2 vehicles) and Astra International (3 vehicles)

Thanks to this assistance eight of the thirteen original motorcycles from 2002 have been replaced and the new motorcycles are already providing much-needed healthcare transport to Indonesian villages.







New motorcycles arrive in East Flores

New Scooters in Indonesia

Great news!

3 new Honda “Revo Fit” scooters have just arrived in East Flores as part of an on-going programme to replace the original fleet of Yamahas.

Two of the new bikes in this consignment have been donated by AUSAID and the third by the Tiger 800 Forum. A further two new Hondas, also funded by the Tiger 800 Forum, are in transit from Jakata.

When added to the 3 new bikes supplied earlier this year, it means that 8 out of 10 operational bikes will have been replaced by the beginning of 2014.

Replacement of the ageing fleet of Yamahas in East Flores has been a priority for the project for some time and this critical objective is now almost complete thanks to the generosity and support from PT Astra, Indonesia, the Triumph Tiger 800 Forum and AUSAID. We are incredibly grateful to have received such great support from our donors in 2013 which has now given the project a new lease of life for several years to come.

It is also worth mentioning that this is the first time that the project’s fleet of bikes has been replaced since it began over 11 years ago! We believe that the longevity of the original fleet is solid proof that the Motorcycle Outreach business model of pro-active fleet maintenance works.  It is the core ingredient of the “Transport Resource Management ” philosophy and, as the evidence now shows, it is a critical factor to ensure the sustainability of healthcare delivery in remote areas of developing countries over the longer term.

Health for All awarded for Serving the Last Mile

Bali, Sept 27th : Health for All has received an award for Serving the Last Mile as part of the AusAid Indonesian Social Innovator Awards.

The award was made in Annika Linden Centre in Bali and recognised the innovation of the Motorcycle Ambulance program developed in East Flores and for providing access to health information. This adds to previous awards from SATU Indonesia Award, MDGS Award and BAKTI.

The awards filtered a list of 418 innovations to 26, then further filtered to 10 semifinalists and finally to the five award winners

Director of HFA, Mansetus Kalimantan (third from left) receiving the award with five other finalists
Director of HFA, Mansetus Kalimantan (third from left) receiving the award with five other finalists

PT Astra donates Motorcycles to Health for All

PT. Astra International Ltd, a leading trading company in Indonesia, has provided three motorcycles to Health for All (YKS) for use by healthcare workers in the Flores Timor area. Safety equipment such as jackets and helmets have also been included.

This donation builds on the SATU Indonesia award presented to Health for All (YKS) in 2010 in recognition of the work being done in providing healthcare delivery in the rural area of Flores Timor.

Eman (HfA Assistant Coordinator) and Mans (HfA Field Coordinator) with the new motorcycles and equipment.
Eman (HfA Assistant Coordinator) and Mans (HfA Field Coordinator) with the new motorcycles and equipment

“We are very grateful for this significant support. This latest assistance recognises the appreciation that the management of Astra International has for the innovative approach being taken by Health for All and the continual innovation required of young people in general for the development of the nation.” explained Willy Balawala on behalf of Health for All during the acceptance ceremony.

Willy Balawala went on to express his hope for further cooperation and shared progress towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals for public health in Indonesia and the East Flores region in particular.

Mansetus (HfA Field Coordinator) added that as Health for All has been in operation for over a decade the original fleet of motorcycles is now due for renewal. Health for All is open for cooperation with other organisations to help address this issue.

The motorcycles will be deployed as part of the Health for all (YKS) Zero breakdown motorcycle service which extends the reach and effectiveness of government healthcare workers.

Flores Indonesia 1st March 2013


Health for All takes delivery of High Visibility Vests

The Motorcycle Outreach High Visibility Vests have arrived at Health for All in Flores, Indonesia and are now in regular use.

High Visibility Vests with the Motorcycle Outreach logo
High Visibility Vests with the Motorcycle Outreach logo

The healthcare workers gain from increased conspicuity in traffic and a professional appearance when they are out on the motorcycles.



Research Trip to Health for All

In June 2006 Health for All hosted a week-long research visit from Motorcycle Outreach. All aspects of the existing operation were assessed together with the Health For All staff.

Aside from the inevitable time at the head office in Kupang, the research trip also spent a few days at the field office in Larantuka and included motorcycle trips to local health centres and villages. Time was also spent visiting regional government staff and local health workers.

Particular thanks are due to Mans at the Field Office and of course to Willy for his time and assistance throughout the visit.

At the field office in Larantuka
At the field office in Larantuka
Above-deck outside Larantuka
Above-deck outside Larantuka


Below deck outside Larantuka
Below deck outside Larantuka