With Motorcycle I am Optimistic to Achieve Health Service Targets


It is tiring indeed to take trip from the Southern tip of Solor Island where Lewotanah Ole is situated to Rita Ebang health center in West Solor. But that is the demand of service responsibility that has to be done by Markus as a field health worker.

As a health provider working in a very remote area and far from subdistrict capital, Markus has to maintain regular contact with the subdistrict health center. Aside from taking a stock of medicines and vaccines, he also has to attend meetings and other adminstrative works. This regular trip to subdistrict capital is just part of his travels. His work in the villages and subvillages is another story.

Fortunately after he gets HfA motorcycle, he feels more facilitated and useful in carrying out his responsibilities starting from visiting people in the villages, visiting in-house patients, giving vaccination, disseminating health service and health information in integrated community health center, etc. As well as his regular works it also improves his contact with the subdistrict health center. In short HfA motorcycle truly helps smoothen his works.

“Many demands from District Health Office have to be fulfilled and if one is not provided with a vehicle (such as a motorcycle), it would be very difficult to handle. In the meantime all health services have specific targets. For instance, pregnant women, babies and children have to be attended to the activities in monthly integrated community health center. However, on the scheduled day most mothers are working in their farms. Knowing this situation I have to go around with motorcycle to call them. In addition I have to attend to the call of the famies in order to give health service to the patients, even at night. Thanks to the Health for All motorcycle I can do all this”.

By: Mansetus Kalimantan, HfA Field Coordinator

Translation from Indonesian by Willy Balawala

The motorcycles used here are provided and maintained by Motorcycle Outreach via HfA