Memorial Ride Update Nov 11th : Bay of Biscay

P20051111Having battled gale force winds in the English Channel overnight, we turned south and entered the Bay of Biscay. A steady 18 knots and on schedule despite the storm! The BMW Dakars are lashed down in the hold while we hatch plans to redistribute the weight (of luggage, not riders) plot routes through the Sahara, read Joseph Conrad and learn to speak French. Whale watching & dolphin spotting fill the gaps, while our mini-cruise fellow travellers exercise their intellects with the very English sport of bingo.

Landfall is predicted for 8:00 am local time, with a forecast of a chilly 8-9 degrees and light drizzles. Favourable conditions, including a much-desired decent nights sleep, should soon see the two 650s deep in Iberia.

The start of the run yesterday in London went without a glitch with our route to Portsmouth expertly guided by our friends in blue from Bikesafe London. A quick stop in Vines BMW in Guildford and we were on our way. Steve Manning, who starred in the MCIs A Street, a Track, an Open Road DVD, came along for the ride too.