Health for All

Health for All (HfA) is a project supported by Motorcycle Outreach providing motorcycles to support primary health delivery in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) in eastern Indonesia. As of 2010 the area covered is 55 villages with a total population of 55,000.

As a clear illustration of the need for this; in one area child malnutrition dropped from 167 to 27 cases within seven months of the motorcycles being introduced.

Health for All continues to implement a program of Transport Resource Management (TRM) specifically providing zero breakdown motorcycles for rural health deliveries. This includes vaccines for children, maternal and child health care, tuberculosis, malaria and STD-HIV/AIDS treatment.

A key aspect of the Health for All work in NTT is that the motorcycles are used to reinforce and extend the effectiveness of the existing health resources provided through the national healthcare system of Indonesia. Health for All serves as a model for more widespread use of motorcycles to provide safe and effective healthcare delivery in remote areas across the country.

By working directly with existing Indonesian healthcare arrangements Health for All has a direct and sustainable impact on a wide range of related areas such as mother and child health, nutrition and health education.

Health is a human right (World Health Organisation (WHO) declaration in Alma Alta, 1978), therefore every person has the right to access health services. Health for All envisages the realisation of a healthy, vibrant and peaceful society.