After research into the most suitable motorcycle type taking into account criteria such as economy, reliability, ease of use, spare parts supply, dealer support and import regulations as well as local road conditions, Health for All selected the Yamaha YT115 model. Thanks to Yamaha these vehicles were provided at a very competitive rate.

StickerMOR2The YT115 motorcycles are capable of economically and reliably carrying a rider and their equipment while also being straightforward to maintain. When needed it is also possible to carry a passenger.

Health for All’s experience with these motorcycles has been very good. The YT 115 is a variant of the popular RX 115. The nearest equivalent model in Europe is the RXS100.

StickerMORMotorcycle enthusiasts may wonder why agricultural models like the Yamaha AG 100 or the larger AG 200 were not used instead. The reason for choosing a model already available in Indonesia is to take advantage of the existing parts supply network and expertise as well as to avoid expensive and lengthy (occasionally even impossible) import procedures. Some of the adaptations used on the agricultural models are also available locally for use on the YT115 models.

For scooters the emphasis will be on reliability, large wheels for rough road usage, adequate suspension and four-stroke engines to pre-comply with emerging emissions regulations in Indonesia.

Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a motorcycle. Decals can be added to the motorcycle to show your support.