For further information about Motorcycle Outreach :


Phone +44 (1209) 613 442

Email Craig Carey Clinch @ or phone on +44 7979 757484

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The Trustees of Motorcycle Outreach are Mark Milward, Craig Carey-Clinch, Frank Surgener and David French.

In addition, Motorcycle Outreach benefits from a Board of Advisors who will guide the future of MoR. This comprises individuals from organisations around the world such as RideAid (Australia) and Health for All (HfA) (Indonesia), and from Simon's family and close former colleagues.

The Trustees and Board of Advisors offer their time to Motorcycle Outreach on an entirely voluntary basis.

From left to right: Paul Milward, Ian Mutch, David French, Mark Milward, Bob Tomlins, Jane Milward, Craig Carey-Clinch, Robert Rasor, Christina Gesios, Kate, Barbara Alam, Willy Balawala (Shaen