Simon Milward

Motorcycle Outreach has grown from the vision of the late Simon Milward, a global humanitarian motorcyclist from the UK who championed effective healthcare delivery by motorcycle based upon the successful Riders for Health (RfH) model which is already well established in Africa.

Simon Milward (1965-2005) was General Secretary of the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA), based in Brussels, Belgium, from 1992 to 1999. He represented motorcyclists in the institutions of the European Union concerning road safety and consumer issues. A collision with a car resulted in hospitalisation where he reflected on his good fortune at receiving automatic medical help. At this moment Simon decided to realise his dream of riding a motorcycle around the world and also to raise funds for international medical aid, thereby redressing the balance a little.

His world trip, named the Millennium Ride, started in 2000 and was in support of the charities Medecins sans Frontieres and Riders for Health. In May 2002, on seeing a direct and unmet local need, Simon helped to establish a pilot project based on the Riders for Health zero breakdown principles on the remote Indonesian island of Flores. This was called Health for All (HfA).

Simon Milward continued his journey through Latin America and then through Africa, travelling north from South Africa, all the while continuing with his fundraising. He also visited the RfH center in Zimbabwe and continued to develop his thoughts regarding extending the Motorcycle Outreach concept upon his return to Europe.

Sadly, Simon lost his life in a road accident in Mali in March 2005. At the time he was on his way to the Riders for Health center in The Gambia.

Since April 2005, Simon's family and close colleagues have worked to ensure that Simon's legacy and vision for sustainable healthcare delivery in developing countries survives and in August 2005, Motorcycle Outreach Ltd (MoR) was incorporated in the UK. This new organisation intends to build upon the work started by Simon through MoR USA and HfA in Flores. Motorcycle Outreach will ensure that the HfA pilot project continues to be financially supported and continues to develop best practice which can be applied in other areas.

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